Social Media Marketing

The sociology, the psychology, and the technology

Let's not dwell on the importance of Social Media Marketing for your business's future. Chances are, especially since you're here, you're already aware of it. The fact is, Social Media Marketing has surpassed traditional marketing due to its exceptional benefits and the level of control it offers, making it a necessity, not an option.

Using Social Media for marketing is not rocket science; however, it does combine the precision of science with the freedom of self-expressive art. To make it work effectively for your brand, you will need to understand this science and harness your creative side.

Any brand, and even most agencies can make a lot of white noise. However, it is only a matter of time before they realize or accept that such an approach is bound to fail. Despite the hard work that is already put in, white noise is easy to create, has minimal impact, and leaves practically nothing of value for the brand.


At DLEAF, we work as a team, as everyone should. Our team combines both scientific and artistic talents to deliver results and stretch your marketing dollars. From the early stages of strategizing, researching, creative thinking, copywriting, graphics, video creation, and delivering results, we all work together for your brand.

Our approach is straightforward and exciting; we simply follow these steps in our process on monthly bases:

Social Media Marketing Process 1- Meet and Learn  2- Research and Strategize  3- Plan and Schedule  4- Generate content (text, images, infographics, videos, etc.)  5- Post and Boost  6- Interact with the audience  7- Measure and fine-tune.

our pricing Method

At DLEAF, we don't adhere to a one-size-fits-all pricing model because we know from experience that it simply doesn't work. We believe that every brand is unique, and that's why we apply OUR THREE-STEP APPROACH to help you maximize your marketing investment.

However, that should not prevent you from learning how it works and what we do to make things happen.
Here is an example of three different clients with top characteristic for each:

Client A

Busy business owner with the following characteristics
  • New or familiar with social media looking to establish the right footing from the get-go.
  • Likely attempted to manage social media marketing, but realized that it requires specific skills and dedication that may not be available due to other business responsibilities.
  • Operating with a limited budget, or has not yet justified the investment in social media marketing.

Client B

Business owner or small team with the following characteristics
  • Understands the crucial role Social Media Marketing plays in business growth
  • Recognizes that effective social media strategies require a team effort and is not a one-man show
  • Aware that each post, message, and/or ad counts and should be planned to be effective
  • Understands that the best engagement on social media happens when strategies are executed correctly.

Client C

Business with a mature understanding of Social Media Marketing with the following characteristics
  • Understands that Social Media Marketing isn't just a need, but a must for brand growth.
  • Recognizes that time is money, and the cost of lost opportunity while experimenting is far greater.
  • Aware that hiring an in-house team can be ten times more costly.
  • Considers spending on Social Media Marketing as an investment, not an expense.
Client A
Client B
Client c
What will we do
Media Platform
Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, youtube etc.
2 Platforms 
3 posts a week per account
4 Platforms 
5 posts a week per account
5 Platforms
2 custom articles per mo.
4 custom articles per mo.
E‐mail Marketing Design
1 mo.
2 mo.
Press Release
1 per mo.
Landing Page
2 pages per mo.
4 pages per mo.
Paid Ad Campaign Management
2 ad’s per mo.
2 ad’s per mo.
4 ad’s per mo.
Account Optimization
Min Proposed Ad spending
How will we do it
Strategy Planning
Content Research & Development
Monthly Calendar
Strategy Call
Industry & Keyword Research
Account Monitoring
Email & phone support
Monthly Snapshot of Activity
Key Performance Reports
Who will be working for you
Marketing Consultant
Dedicated Account Manager
Graphic Designer (Images)
1 Hr per month
2 Hr per month
1 Hr per month
What should you expect
Brand Consistency
Brand Awareness
Community Engagement
Content Distribution
Lead Generation
Social Customer Service
Website Traffic
Bookmarking & Tagging

While these are just examples of factors that should determine your budget spending (excluding SEO), we know from experience that the most effective approach is to establish goals and then determine the resources required to achieve them.

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